February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day (if your into that type of stuff)

Hello People,

For all of you who take the Valentine's Day thing seriously (Me not being one of them) I got a great FREE gift idea for you!!!!!!
If you want to do something sentimental and your funds are low (what we like to call "Recessional Love") I got a great idea, send your significant other (or insignificant other, depending on how and with whom you are currently involved with....) a RADIO STATION! Go to http://www.pandora.com/ (If you don't already have an account create one!) You can create and gift a radio station to anyone. You pick 5 artist and a skin and can email the station to them, its good for birthdays as well! I think is a sweet and clever "gift" and I've even sent one to my boyfriend and he LOVES it (All NEO-SOUL R&B Diva's). So there is my suggestion to assist your loving on a budget (thank me later)

Cupid Stiletto!

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