October 26, 2009


So essentially it seems everything in my life right now is conspiring against me to make me change.........

Ok, let me stop that sounded really over dramatic, but there is some truth it in. I guess when I started transitioning my hair it ushered in the desire to make transitional changes in other parts of my life. Currently my career is at a standstill, my job which i am great at has now become a joyless repetitive paycheck. I no longer get the same fulfillment that I got out of it as little as a year ago. Its time for me to Act 3 of this little play of life and I not sure in what direction to go.....sigh
It has come to point where i have to metaphorically fly or die and I am not longer satisfied with wither under these stage lights. OK that my internal struggle rant for the day {For your daily dose of ME follow me on Twitter: Nikki_Stiletto}

Peace and Blessing People

Nikki S.

October 18, 2009

Maxwell & Aunt Flo!!!

You know my love for Maxwell runs deep, he is talented and sexy, and if you have been to any of his concerts he is clearly lets his freak flag fly. So I had to post the following:
I came across this on www.bossip.com a couple of weeks back, it was a quote from Maxwell during one of his concerts its about sex with a woman on her period......yeah I am not commenting on this one click the link and talk amoung yourself lol -> http://bossip.com/163656/maxwell-i-dont-care-if-youre-riding-the-crimson-wave-just-put-some-towels-down/

October 16, 2009

Being MIA and NYC Freeze

We are experiencing early WINTER WEATHER in NYC and I am NOT a fan. The city that never sleeps should not be covered in frost in October!

Ok I've been busy..... hell I just been to tired and preoccupied to blog......don't judge me! Between my home life, a impromptu to trip to the south, and a few 12 hour work day my mind was elsewhere, hell even my feet are are not into it, I haven rocked a pair of 3 inch heels in a minute. But I am sure you'll are not interested in my whining so I will stop here.....but I will preference that with I had things to do, I had 99 problems and a blog ain't one lol. I promise to be better in the future and keep you up with the randomness that is my life (especially if it is juicy, potentially scandalous, or end with me getting some shoes). Anywhoo XOXOX and all that good stuff

for a really good read check out one of favorite bloggers Michael Arceneaux:
http://www.thecynicalones.com/ (for your daily dose of sarcasm follow him on Twitter)

Song of the Day: Musiq (from the Luvanmusiq Album) Greatest Love