January 21, 2010

The Long and Short of it!

So me and my hair are fighting.....

Or you might say I am fighting my hair, I love the way my natural hair is going but I am still transitioning and my old relaxed ends are not going along with the program. I'm in transitions hell because I want to hold on to my length until my natural hair grows out more. Most people tell me just BC and get it over with but it is so much easier said then done. Like I said before it took me most of high school and my first year of college to grow my hair past my shoulder, so I am having a hard time parting with it. I've never had a short haircut and I am very apprehensive about cutting it all off. On the flip side my permed hair is pissing me off to no end. So the question become what to do next, because I've been coming to work looking really crazy and this can't continue! In other news I checked out "Let's talk about Pep" last night on VH1 and I loved it! Not much for VH1's brand of demeaning reality shows but this one I enjoyed.


January 13, 2010

Please Help Haiti

My heart and prayers go out to the Haiti (which shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic) after yesterday's devastating earthquake. I encourage people to pray for those alive, missing, and those who were lost. More then just prayers I encourage everyone to help, give money, give time, send clothes, find ways to help this country. Haiti is the poorest country in Caribbean (as well as the Western Hemisphere) and they need you help now more then ever. Support Haiti and keep its people in your prayers.

With Love,

January 11, 2010

Hair Struggles

Hello People,

2010 is off an running and so far so good, 11 days in and I am cautiously optimistic. So my issue for the day, my hair is pissing me off. Ok not all my hair but I am transitioning and the 2 texture are driving me nuts. It is so hard to get one the way you want it an then have your permed edges decide they want to do whatever the heck they want. OK simple problem right just BC (big chop)....WRONG! I can't let go of the length and I am not ashamed to admit it. It took me all of High School and 2 years of college to grow my hair out past my shoulder and I LOVE it that length. Since I've decided to go natural I am having a hard time disconnecting my emotions from my hair length. I love my natural growth but I never had short hair and to be honest I think I am scared of the prospect of it. My permed hair is like a bad relationship I know I should stop dealing with but I keep letting back into my life. So the transition struggle continues.

January 6, 2010

Brand Spanking New Year

So 2009 finally left the building, and thank God it did. Not that I am not thank full for another year of life but 2009 was something else.

Happy 2010 People

Anywho here we are again, me and my random thoughts and you and your short attention span, we are quite a pair! So I did the usual on New Year Eve, too much champagne with my boyfriends, twilight zone marathon, and falling asleep before 2. I know we are LAME and we accept that (and acceptance is the first step right). I've made my resolutions....Beginning with to stop cursing so much, my mouth has gotten a little reckless and my niece is at that I repeat everything I hear age so I've got to get it together. Still I just KNOW someone stupid is just waiting around the corner to make me relapse REALLY HARD. Well for the most part I am back to the same grind, at the same job, but a new outlook and a renewed drive it time to make a move and I think this is my year to do it! If you want it people stop waiting for it to come to you and go get it!

The Stiletto One

Here is a gift for you in my secret shoe Box - a leaked new MJ collaboration with Lenny Kravits: go to hear it