January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year

12 days after the fact but Happy New Year all the same. The last half of 2010 was a whirlwind I changed jobs, hair textures, and attitudes all in the span of 5 months. I left my job in education after 9 years to go into the non profit sector. I also let go of a lot resentment and anger toward people and situations that were not allowing me to grow. I also FINALLY BC'ed on a random day after getting fed up with the to textures. So my new attitude, job, and short curly hair are ready to take over the world. I Obama'd out the end of my year with a whole bunch of change you could believe in! I've also decided that I am going to pass on the the ides of setting New Year's resolutions, if i need to change an element of my life I just going to make the change and follow through(Simple right, let see how this works out) ! I am looking forward to traveling more this year and hopefully looking fly in my two piece bathing suit doing it! More blogs to come let see how 2011 unfolds.


August 19, 2010

You never miss the water till the well run BONE dry


For the past 2 weeks since I've given my resignation notice to my job I have seen an interesting phenomenon happening: Appreciation! All the words that I needed to hear, all the accolades that I've deserved, and all the accommodations that I wanted have been given to me. Its funny how me leaving have prompted my supervisors to treat me the way I should have been treated in the first place. Now that I am leaving they can really appreciate the contribution that I brought to the staff (hell the the whole organization). I've worked hard on my career for the last 9 years I worked my way up from a receptionist and busted my hump to complete my education while doing my job. All I wanted was to be acknowledgement for my hard work and the promotion that I deserved. I knew my worth, too bad they didn't realize it until it was too late, or maybe they did and just didn't want to let me rise above they people they wanted in those positions. I admit I didn't play politics, I didn't kiss up to the all boys club and make nice with the powers that be. I was too busy working my ass off to do the best job possible and make sure that we met our goals (often even to the detriment of my personal life ). I won't look back and think what I should have done because I did my best and I am moving on to a better job, and it is their loss trust me. Well you know how the saying goes you never miss the water until the well runs dry. I hope they survive the drought


August 6, 2010

NYC: Kinky Curly @ Ricky's

I was shopping on a lunch break with a co-worker, and I stumbled into Ricky looking for some make-up and low an behold as I strolled passed the hair products isle what did i see: Kinky Curly products. the same Kinky Curly products that were sold out for a month at my favorite Whole Food (14th Street and Union Square). So i promptly brought a bottle of Knot Today and Curly Pudding. So for all my NYC naturals looking for Kinky Curly check out your local Ricky's.


August 4, 2010

Franklin Has Left the Building!!!!

So after months of unhappiness, stress, and disappointment.......... I got a new JOB.

I am going from higher education to working with a non profit on the secondary school level. I'm excited, I start in my new position on August 30th but it is a bitter sweet transition. I've worked for my old job for the past 9 years so it is a significant chunk of my 20's. I wish the best to the next "Franklin" that takes my place (if they decide to even hire another "one") but for right now FRANKLIN HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!

Nikki New Job!

July 10, 2010

Maxwell & Jill Scott @ MSG review

I know I said I would post a review of the Maxwell Jill Scott concert. It was sooo beyond excellent I wasn't sure that I could cover it all so I found the next best thing: footage on Youtube so you can see for yourself a glimpse of how they tore the house down

Jill Scott was amazing her voice was THE TRUTH, Maxwell was at his best and seduced the crowd. This show was so worth the ticket price plus some, and if you missed it.......well you missed it.


June 29, 2010

Stay Turned: Maxwell & Jill Scott @ MSG review

Hey People,

You would think that the way I raved about getting tickets to this concert I would have broke my neck to tell you all about it......but real life reared its ugly head and I had work to do this week before I started my vacation on Thursday. So stay tuned I will fill you in on Jill's AWESOMENESS and Maxwell's brazen sex talk sometime this week. I am headed to the South for some R&R so hopefully the next time you read this I will be on a porch sipping sweet tea with my computer.


June 25, 2010

Michael even a year later we never can say good-bye

Its been a year, we still miss the music, the magic, the man
Today it all about #MJAllDay
We want to celebrate his life and his legacy

And when the groove is dead and gone, we know that love survives so we can rock forever on....

June 24, 2010

I know I know I know.....Where have YOU BEEN

I know I've been more then MIA lately, I've gone missing like Neffe's period..... In my defense life has thrown me a few curve balls and I've been preoccupied. (plus damn it I was tired I work hard I get lazy!) My professional life has been kicking my butt, and I've had to work through some issue. On my job in my department I am Charlie Brown's friend Franklin (you know the ONLY black character). So you can image how fun it is being the national ambassador for all thing "black" (which is funny because I work with other minorities), also I am one of 2 woman and lets say the "all boys club" is alive and well. So I've been in a funk to say the least for the last 2 month about my career situation, which has done nothing but aid my procrastination. I had to pull myself together put on my big girl panties and deal with it, so here I am blogging as therapy, but my job woes are another story for another time. So here we are a day before the year anniversary of MJ's passing and the day before my Maxwell / Jill Scott concert I think tomorrow will be the definition of bitter sweet. I start a three week vacation on July 1st so there is a silver lining to every cloud, so you will be hearing from me during my down down time....since the man will be off my back!

Nikki S.

June 19, 2010

One Year...

Today is one year to the day that I got my last perm.......

I remember because I had to get my hair done for my god daughter 1st birthday the next day and it was late in the day when I went. I had to go to a local dominican salon, the charged me too much, then didn't do a good job, and it took till 10pm at night.

May 14, 2010

Transition Tales: Bun Donut

Hi Guy,
TGIF TGIF TGIF, I don't think I can say it enough!

I wanted to share my favorite bad hair day buddy with some of you that may not be aware of a buns best friend The Bun Donut (Form)!

This hands down has been on of the best purchases that I've made during my transition. On day when my two textures are not getting along a little gel and this little donut make everything right with the world. I paid about $2.99 for mine and it was well worth every penny.