August 29, 2009

Give It Up For The KING


August 18, 2009

Ex's and Explanations

It is another day of bipolar New York went from raining and mild last week to a heat wave this week. I guess I picked the right time to go natural because this is sweat out your relaxer weather. I am happy to be at work just because we have central air! I do wish I was at the beach thought right now, I gotten relatively no sun all summer. So on to today's randomness, I ran into a guy I dated for like two weeks in high school yesterday, and he introduced me his boss as his ex!!!! It was two weeks dude and you are really referring to me as your ex...really....I have shoes that I have had a longer intimate relationship with! Anywho the question of the day is how long do you have to be with someone to consider them an Ex?


August 17, 2009

Sorry....Been Busy

Hello People,
Sorry I been busy tying up some loose ends and basically just enjoying some time off. So basically here is what you've missed while I've been on cyberspace vacation

  1. I've decided to get off the "creamy crack" and stop using relaxers in my hair, I'm going natural

  2. My uncle passed away from cancer

  3. I introduced my boyfriend to the other side of the family and it went well

  4. I found a new late night spot for me and the girls too sneak off too that has great cocktails

  5. The ghost of ex-boyfriend past has made a reappearance thank to Facebook...Facebook is the devil

  6. I got to see karma in action with some people who wronged me in the past but I took no satisfaction from it (maybe a little)

  7. One of my friends gave birth to a daughter and it is a potential Maury situation....but that is for another blog post and another time!
Until next time my loves Peace, Love, and Shoes!!