March 15, 2010

Finally found it!!!


Hello People,
So the minute I heard that Suave was coming out with their new shampoo & conditioner line with natural ingredients I was extra excited to try them. But after a extensive search of the local drug stores in my area I came up (sadly) empty. Well as luck would have it a trip to Target this weekend FINALLY allowed me to find what I'd wanted, so I purchase the Shea Butter & Almond and Rosemary & Mint conditioners. I can't wait to try them! You know it doesn't take much to excite me these days. XOXOX
Nikki S.


savvybrown said...

Wow thanks for this post! I had not heard about this, but one of my co-wash staples is Suave Tropical Coconut condish.

- savvybrown

Nikki Stiletto said...

@Savvybrown you got to try it, they are inexpensive and I like the way my hair feels after, and it smell WONDERFUL