April 13, 2010

Why do we love the "Bad Boy"

So I tuned into The Wendy "How you doing" Williams (don't judge me) because I heard Jaheim was going to be performing. His latest album is in heavy rotation in my Zune as of late and I own all of the previous albums as well. It's not just his amazing voice which is so reminiscent of old soul crooners but I am so attracted to his "street" edge (and ashamed to admit it). This made me ponder the "woman say they want a good man but go for the bad boy" argument. My late 20's was my last indulgence with "bad boy" he had tattoos everywhere, an AMAZING body, and a pension for running the streets. We knew each other when we were younger and reconnected. I though he just wanted to be friends (1st mistake) so I paid his overtures no mind, and I even remember saying to my best friend that "He was SO not the man for me, he is not the type of man I want or need as a partner"(famous last words). Fast forward a couple of months him chasing me hard, I gave in and began a relationship with him. On top of that I had the nerve to fall in love (2nd mistake), well long story short after a couple of months of dating, a break up, a year of off and on again, and a marriage proposal by text message (yet again another blog post for another time) I finally walked away. A couple of month later when I wasn't looking I met my current beau the "good guy". He is polar opposite no street edge or tattoos, he goes to church every Sunday, he is close with his family, works 2 jobs, and treats me like gold. He is everything I could have asked for in a man plus some, he didn't come how I imagined him but he defiantly came the way I needed him. So I guess my "bad boy" fantasies will be reserved for my Jaheim albums, because my "good man" reality is so much better.


PS- Jaheim's album "Another Round" will be available for digital download for $5 during the month of April, its and excellent album.

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