September 6, 2009

Never Miss The Water

OK I've been preoccupied again, not updating, blogging, twitter. I been crazy busy with work and I'm just been in a funk lately. The ghost of relationship past decide to come and haunt my house two weeks ago. Lets call him "Dexter", he is a extremely handsome WORKAHOLIC with Carmel brown skin, and a velvety island accent. We had and on and off relationship of convenience for both of us for about 2 1/2 years. Then he just disappear for the last two years. So he pops up at my job two weeks ago and offers to take me too lunch.....Now who am I to turn down a free meal (and an explanation of his Houdini act). Long story short we got a little something to eat and sat down and talked he told me about the two full time jobs he was working (again workaholic) and how his disappearance had nothing to do with me, to which I responded I know because I'm fabulous. He danced around the subject of us and if I was seeing anyone and then dropped me off back at my office with a hug and a promise to stay in touch. Now before you think I am playing with fire, I told the boyfriend about him and his reappearance and he trust me so I am not gonna screw that up (full disclosure in vital in a relationship). Anywho it goes back to the old adage you never miss the water until the well runs dry. Lets see if Dexter shows up with a well bucket again next time.


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