July 27, 2009

Cheaper to Keep Her

So as much as I have other important thing going on in my life and not much time for the proverbial BS and the gossip (well I do have a little time, gossip blogs are addictive). I had and interesting conversation this weekend with one of my male friends about the whole Nas and Kelis situation (not familiar Google it). His position was that it is crazy that Nas has to pay her (Kelis) so much money and just because she had his baby she still does not need that much money. Not surprisingly most of my male friends expressed similar sentiments. My opinion is it has nothing to do with male or female you shouldn't’t need a judge to make you want to take care of your family. Britney Spears had pay a monumental amount to her ex in child support and alimony monthly because of the kids and to keep him in a life that he was a custom to while they were married explain to me why Nas shouldn't do the same? It based on your income not just some man hating judge out to get men and make them pay. Russell Simmons pays his ex $40,000 a month in child support and did it without a judge’s order he said because he want to take care of his children.....so tell me why it so WRONG the amount that Nas has to pay Kelis (his wife) and for his child. If they could have handled it behind the scenes there would have been no need for a court order forcing him to pay, and why should you be forced to PAY for your own child, step up and do the right thing! And as far as the alimony she wasn't working the whole time they were married, he knew that and he knew who he was marrying. When was the last time you heard a Kelis album REALLY like 2004. He had no problem with it before when things were good now he doesn't want to pay, I don't feel sorry for him at all…....ever heard the saying it’s cheaper to keep her, guess Nasir just found that out!

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