July 23, 2009

Let Go If Its Not Working!

Let begin by stating the obvious: Relationships are hard work!
They are compromise, struggle, and often sacrifice. It take a lot of effort on both parties part to help the relationship thrive. with that being said there is a difference between working on your relationship and struggling in a relationship that doesn't work. Case in point my relationship with my ex-boyfriend (quintessential tattooed up bad boy) there was ALWAYS an issues, it was a constant fight on every basis level to make it work (me doing most of the work). It just wasn't healthy for both of us (but especially me). He even proposed to me by text message (I am sooo serious, but that is another story for another time) I had to break it off. If your relationship is always coming apart at the seams, stop running in with needle and thread trying to repair it. If its always broke don't fix it THROW IT OUT COMPLETELY!
My message for today is: Don't keep trying to fix a relationship that is clearly not working, don't be afraid to walk away. If its a struggle just to simply be together you are better apart!

song of the day: I Just Wanna Be Loved- Jill Scott

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