December 14, 2009

I Know I Know

OK so I'm wack, I get it....i promise to post and don't, I've got more excuses then Tiger Woods in a room full of blonde's I know I know. But I digress life as usual has me in a vice grip and leaves little time for leisure (plus I a procrastinator so that doesn't help!). The holidays are upon us and that means food, fun and family...... For the most part I enjoy being around my family but over Thanksgiving we had some issue with my Grandmother that has me ready to hibernate out until New Year's. My grandmother has decided that she wants to project her Daddy issues onto my father, brother, and cousin and its pissing me off. So I am trying everything in my power not to turn Christmas into a Jerry Springer episode. So lets see how this all turns out. Anyways onto my latest all consuming focus MY HAIR!!!! So I am in month 5 of my transition and I have had some days when I was not dealing well with two texture and left the house looking WRONG. My curl pattern is much curlier in the back then in the front and my hair takes forever to dry. I am also playing mad scientist with styles and products. Well my new product addiction is a post for another time.


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