January 11, 2010

Hair Struggles

Hello People,

2010 is off an running and so far so good, 11 days in and I am cautiously optimistic. So my issue for the day, my hair is pissing me off. Ok not all my hair but I am transitioning and the 2 texture are driving me nuts. It is so hard to get one the way you want it an then have your permed edges decide they want to do whatever the heck they want. OK simple problem right just BC (big chop)....WRONG! I can't let go of the length and I am not ashamed to admit it. It took me all of High School and 2 years of college to grow my hair out past my shoulder and I LOVE it that length. Since I've decided to go natural I am having a hard time disconnecting my emotions from my hair length. I love my natural growth but I never had short hair and to be honest I think I am scared of the prospect of it. My permed hair is like a bad relationship I know I should stop dealing with but I keep letting back into my life. So the transition struggle continues.

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