January 6, 2010

Brand Spanking New Year

So 2009 finally left the building, and thank God it did. Not that I am not thank full for another year of life but 2009 was something else.

Happy 2010 People

Anywho here we are again, me and my random thoughts and you and your short attention span, we are quite a pair! So I did the usual on New Year Eve, too much champagne with my boyfriends, twilight zone marathon, and falling asleep before 2. I know we are LAME and we accept that (and acceptance is the first step right). I've made my resolutions....Beginning with to stop cursing so much, my mouth has gotten a little reckless and my niece is at that I repeat everything I hear age so I've got to get it together. Still I just KNOW someone stupid is just waiting around the corner to make me relapse REALLY HARD. Well for the most part I am back to the same grind, at the same job, but a new outlook and a renewed drive it time to make a move and I think this is my year to do it! If you want it people stop waiting for it to come to you and go get it!

The Stiletto One

Here is a gift for you in my secret shoe Box - a leaked new MJ collaboration with Lenny Kravits: go to hear it

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