August 19, 2010

You never miss the water till the well run BONE dry


For the past 2 weeks since I've given my resignation notice to my job I have seen an interesting phenomenon happening: Appreciation! All the words that I needed to hear, all the accolades that I've deserved, and all the accommodations that I wanted have been given to me. Its funny how me leaving have prompted my supervisors to treat me the way I should have been treated in the first place. Now that I am leaving they can really appreciate the contribution that I brought to the staff (hell the the whole organization). I've worked hard on my career for the last 9 years I worked my way up from a receptionist and busted my hump to complete my education while doing my job. All I wanted was to be acknowledgement for my hard work and the promotion that I deserved. I knew my worth, too bad they didn't realize it until it was too late, or maybe they did and just didn't want to let me rise above they people they wanted in those positions. I admit I didn't play politics, I didn't kiss up to the all boys club and make nice with the powers that be. I was too busy working my ass off to do the best job possible and make sure that we met our goals (often even to the detriment of my personal life ). I won't look back and think what I should have done because I did my best and I am moving on to a better job, and it is their loss trust me. Well you know how the saying goes you never miss the water until the well runs dry. I hope they survive the drought


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